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Looking for Quality STEM Revision Notes?

We have you covered! You have access to tens of revision notes and thousands of revision questions in multiple high school subjects to sharpen your knowledge and prepare for any high school exam. Our emphasis on STEM Learning is based on the global course towards a technologically and scientifically-led world.

High School Physics Revision

The topics covered include concepts such as measurement, force, pressure, magnetism, sound, and fluid flow. Advanced physics topics include Electrostatics, Gas Laws, Newton's Law of Motion, radioactivity, electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic induction, and X-rays.

High School Biology Revision

The topics covered include The Cell (Cell Structure and Cell Physiology), Nutrition in plants and animals, transport in plants and animals, excretion and homeostasis, reproduction in plants and animals, growth and development. Advanced topics covered include genetics, the human ear and eye, support and movement in plants and animals, the human skeleton, and joints and movement.

High School Chemistry Revision

From the basics of Chemistry such as introduction to chemistry and simple classification of substances, the revision resources focus on polishing your knowledge on the most interesting concepts in Chemistry. Other topics include chemical properties of Oxygen, water and hydrogen, organic chemistry (Alkanes, Alkenes, and Alkynes), and acids and bases. We provide a step-by-step handbook on various chemistry practical activities.

Interactive High School MATH Revision

Get interactive Math revision resources from questions to step-by-step solutions on mathematical problems. The resources cover most mathematical topics, including Natural Numbers, Factors and Multiples, Geometric Construction, Algebraic Expressions, Linear Equations, Reciprocals, Indices and Logarithms, Linear Inequalities, Quadratic Expressions, Binomial Expansions, Probability, Matrices and Transformation, Differentiation, Area Approximation, Integration and more.


Acquire Mastery Skills in the English Language

Whether English is a first language or you've learnt it in the school system, you can be guaranteed our English resources will polish your writing grammar skills. We have English resources that include Oral narratives, Poems, Tongue twisters, and more. English is an exciting and broad language.