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Privacy Policy

| Our Privacy Policy |
(Last Updated: 10-09-2019 AT 10:39 AM)

At Esoma.KE, we are committed to ensuring the privacy of the students, teachers and even registered adults.
Through out this policy Esoma.KE is hereafter refered as 'we', or 'us'. 'You' or 'your' refers to any user; registered or not.
We know how you value your information. We cannot afford to violate the trust you have in us to ensure that the information you supply us with is secure. We have taken it upon ourselves to esnure data collected is used sensibly and within the confinements of this policy. The policy pertains to information collected through our website,

Information Collected

>> Student Information : A student provides his of her personal information such as names, school currently enrolled, password, units and topics of study. This student data is considered personally identifiable information (PII).

>>Parent and Child Information : In a case where a parent or guardian registers an account for a child, information (such as passwords, usernames, email addresses, payment details and names) is collected. Through the authorization of the parent, information about the child(ren) is (are) also collected.

>>Cookies : Esoma.KE is geared to providing the best learning services in Kenya and beyond. Cookies helps us integrate interactiveness as well as enhance not only performance but also efficiency. Esoma.KE uses cookies to bring the best experience for all users.

>>Third Party Applications : Esoma.KE has integrated a third party application (Google Analytics) to help in providing relevant statistics that enables us built a better application for you. Read Google's Analytics Terms of Use.