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GRADE 6 Science and Technology

Grade 6 Science and Technology topics include parts of a plant, animals (invertebrates), the human circulatory system, the human reproductive system, force and energy, and matter.


Grade 4 notes and revision questions have been added and updated. Access interactive Grade 4 CBC notes and revision questions in your favorite subjects including Mathematics, English Grammar, and Science and Technology.

FORM 3 Physics Energy, Work, Power and Machines

These notes have been revised and updated. You can now access multiple practice questions on Energy, Work, Power, and Machines and get the corresponding answers instantly.

CLASS 8 Mathematics Perimeter and Area

All the notes and revision questions you will need to understand how to find the area and perimeter of common geometric shapes including a rectangle, square, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezium, triangle, and circle. The notes include the properties of the common shapes.

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