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Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) Resources for Students and Teachers


8-4-4 Resources for Students and Teachers



Most Interesting Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) Activities

GRADE 6 Science and Technology Studies

Science and Technology Studies equip Grade 6 learners with knowledge to observe and explain the natural world. Grade 6 Science and Technology topics include Living Things and their environment, The Environment, Interacting with Computing Devices, Matter, and Force and Energy.

Topics in Grade 6 Science and Technology Studies

English Activities - Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6

English Activities are categorized into Listening and Speaking, Reading, Grammar, and Writing. These activities equip learners with skills to communicate effectively in diverse contexts. Further, there is emphasis on the learners' self-expression using logical thinking. English Grammar Activities enable learners use grammatical forms to communicate ideas, opinions, and emotions in different contexts.

English Grammar Activities to Enhance Language Competency

Mathematics Activities - Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6

Mathematics help learners develop an understanding of numbers, be logical thinkers, and acquire critical problem-solving skills. Mathematics is applied in every aspect of our world from economic, social, and political environments. Mathematics is a critical block in the STEM educational cycle.

Mathematical Activities to Numerical Competency