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At Esoma-KE, we look beyond the problems and restrictions to bring you a learning platform like never before.
As the Kenyan Education curruculum changes, we have put effort in ensuring that the content we supply is in-line with the competence-based curriculum. The content has been analyzed and sorted to ensure only the most relevant is given to you. We have pledged to fight for quality content to make it easy for you to learn fast and efficiently.
We believe that learning should not only be for all but also be accessible to as many people as possible. We help every student in Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary levels as well as teachers out there access materials for study, at all times.
The Power of technology is unimaginable. Every day, we bare witness to new technology systems that help improve our daily lives. At Esoma-KE, we have taken advantage of the technology to help students and teachers study and learn in Kenya's new curriculum. Our content has been edited and processed to ensure that it is accessible easily from all devices from mobile phones to tablets and computers. With ownership of mobile devices on the rise and the immense supply of affordable internet, our content is tailored to be accessed easily and with minimal mobile data hence efficient.
From statistics, our site loads in an average of 2.56 seconds in a 3G network and 4.78 seconds in a 2G netwerk. This presents a 87% efficiency. Our technicians are working tirelessly to ensure that this efficiency is improved to facilitate the site's efficiency and performance.
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You can reach us on:
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Visit us: Thika West Center, Suite 509 - Located at Jomoko, Off Thika-Nairobi Superhighway along Thika-Mang'u-Flyover Rd.