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FORM ONE (1) MATHEMATICS - High School Mathematics

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Mathematics Form Questions

Integers Practice Questions - Math Form 1 Attempt Mathematics Form 1 Revision Questions

Mathematics Form 1 Topics

Natural Numbers Factors and Multiples Integers Decimals Squares and Square Roots

Form One Math revision questions on all topics including Natural Numbers, Factors and Multiples, Integers, Decimals, Squares and Square Roots, Geometric Construction, Algebraic Expressions, Linear Equations, Mass Weight and Density, Commercial Arithmetic, Common Solids among others

Quadratic Expressions

Form Two Math revision questions on all topics including Cubes, Cube Roots and Reciprocals, Indices and Logarithms, Equations of a Straight Line, Linear Inequalities, Quadratic Expressions, Trigonometry, Rotation, Enlargement, Statistics, Vectors, Surface area and Volume of Solids and more.


Form Three Math revision questions on all topics including Quadratic Expressions and Equations II, Trigonometry, Surds, Matrices, Formula and Variations, Binomial Expansions, Probability, Compound proportions and more.

Form Four Math revision questions on all topics including Matrices and Transformation, Statistics, Loci, 3 Dimensional Geometry, Linear Programming, Differentiation, Area Approximation, Integration and more.

Attempt Math Form 1 Revision Questions

MATH Form 1 Topics