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Dear valued user,
We are excited to inform you that our E-Classroom feature is undergoing a comprehensive restructuring to provide you with the best possible online teaching and learning experience. While this process will temporarily affect our online classes, it is all in an effort to deliver the highest quality content and user experience.
If you would like to learn more about the new features and how you can join us once we launch, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at .

Please note that all of our other services, including Esoma-KE Notes and Revision Questions, Rapid Quizzes, and Virtual Library will continue to be available on the Esoma-KE platform.

Who will Benefit From the New Esoma Classroom?

Individual Students & Learners
As a student, you can enhance your education by enrolling in individual or group classes through Esoma. These classes will be taught by experienced teachers from various public and private schools in East Africa and cover subjects beyond the regular curriculum, such as foreign languages, computer programming, public speaking, music, and more. The small class sizes will provide a personalized learning experience and opportunities for group interaction and peer support. Additionally, you can opt for either individual online classes or more cost-effective group online classes.
Special Education
At Esoma, we are striving to have certified special education teachers on board in our new Classroom to cater to the needs of students with special needs. Our classes will focus on providing a supportive and nurturing environment, allowing these students to unlock their full potential and foster their mental and social development. Our online education platform will prioritize the growth and well-being of our special needs students.
Adult and Re-Take Students
At Esoma, our virtual classrooms offer the convenience of learning from anywhere at any time. We understand that adult learners have other commitments, so they can choose to attend classes at their preferred time. Regardless of age, any adult is eligible to take any desired course, subject to the education system's regulations.
Homeschool & Tutoring Service Providers
Managing a homeschool can be difficult, but Esoma Classroom provides tools to make it easier. As a user, you'll have access to educational resources and detailed tracking systems for both students and teachers within your account. Esoma Classroom is designed to be flexible and versatile, accommodating all types of online classes, including core curriculum subjects, co-curricular activities like Chess and Debate, and foreign languages like German and French. Whether you are a single teacher or an administrator, Esoma Classroom has all the features you need to conduct any online class you desire.