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Live Online Classes

CBC & 8-4-4 Curriculum | PP1 - Form 4

Live Video & Audio Classes

Experience digital education through Esoma Classroom's live video and audio technologies.

Powerful Learning Tools

Custom quizzes, question sets, and assignments to help actively engage students, anytime on mobile, tablet or computer.

Performance Statistics

Track one's learning progress through powerful reporting tools provided both periodically and on-demand.

Suitable For ...

Individual Students & Learners
As a student, go the extra learning mile by registering individually in a classroom and learning at your own schedule. Esoma Classes are handled by fully qualified teachers drawn from different public and private schools across East Africa. Go beyond the curriculum and learn extra fields including foreign languages, computer programming, public speaking, music, and more. If it can be taught online, Esoma Classroom is doing it.
Homeschool & Tutoring Service Providers
Handling a homeschool can be challenging. With Esoma Classroom, you have access to teaching materials and comprehensive statistics to keep track of the students and teachers in your account. Whether you are a single teacher or an administrator, Esoma Classroom is developed using a One-Size-Fits-All model to suit all online classes including school curriculum subjects, co-curriculum lessons such as Chess and Debate, and foreign languages including German and French. If you can teach it online, Esoma Classroom has all the features you need.
Schools (Private and Public)
End of a school day should not mean end of learning. With Esoma Classroom, you can extend learning through virtual technology.
Adult and Re-Take Students
Our virtual classrooms provide the opportunity to resume learning despite your location or schedule.

How Do I Register?

Register Individually to Esoma Classroom

Join our student community by Creating a Membership account. You can then request a class by selecting the number of subjects to learn.
You will be assigned to a class depending on your subject selection.

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Private Tutor/Instructor
Teach Online in Esoma Classroom

Join our teaching community and experience unbound teaching through digital learning. This account is available to a tutor with or without affiliation to an institution.

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Extend School Days Using Esoma Classroom

Suitable for Private, Public, NGO-Run Schools and other learning institutions.

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Esoma Classroom
Why Esoma Classroom?
Esoma Classroom is an interactive online classroom where students learn through live video and audio lessons from teachers, interact with teachers via messages, attempt question sets and assignments, form discussion groups, track scores and general performance, and share learning content amongst themselves online.

As we explore new technologies, Esoma Classroom offers robust digital learning components to facilitate a student's learning progress despite the schedule or location.

The Classroom supports both computer and mobile technologies.