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Rules of Forming Question Tags | Grade 6 English Grammar

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Forming Question Tags: Rules of question tags

1. When the statement is positive the tag is negative and vice versa.
Positive Statement:
Joseph is a great fisherman, isn't he?
The statement is positive and the question tag isn't he is negative.
Negative Statement:
She did not like the dress, did she?
The statement is negative and the question tag did she is positive.

2. The tense in the statement doesn't change in the question tag.
Present Tense Statement:
They are marking the exam papers, aren't they?
The Question tag aren't they is present.
Past Tense Statement:
They were marking the exam papers, weren't they?
The Question tag weren't they is in the past tense.

3. Gender in the statement doesn't change in the question tag.
4. Plural and singular states in the statement don't change.
5. Hardly, none, seldom, barely, rarely makes statements to be negative, therefore, the question tag will be positive.
6. Statement starting with "let" will have is question tag start with "shall".
7. Positive statement starting with "I am" will have its question as "aren't I?" and never "amen't".
8. All question tags MUST be followed by a question mark (?).

More Examples of Question Tags

1. Joseph is a great fisherman, isn't he?
2. I am a perfect fashion designer, aren't I? (not amen't I?)
3. Mary did not finish her homework, did she?
4. Let us visit Amani children's home, shall we?
5. Silas goes to the market everyday, does he?
6. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, does it?
7. He hardly ate, did he?

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