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GRADE 6 Social Studies Learning Activities

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Grade 6 Social Studies Topics Summary

Topic 1: People, Population and Social Organisations

Organization and their language groups including Bantu, Nilotes, Cushites, and Semites. Read on the reasons for migration and the distribution of people within Eastern Africa.

Topic 2: Political Systems and Governance

Read on the Objectives of the East African Community (EAC), their benefits, challenges and solutions to these challenges. Explore the Traditional Political Systems and Governance in Eastern Africa including the Buganda Kingdom and government of the Nyamwezi, their similarities and differences.

Topic 3: Resources and Economic Activities in Eastern Africa

Eastern Africa countries engage in various economic activities including transport, crop farming, beef farming, communication and mining. We explore the benefits of these economic activities and their challenges.

Topic 4: The Government of Kenya

Revenue is income or money for the government while Expenditure is the way the money or revenue obtained is used. Read on the sources of government in Kenya revenue and how that revenue is spent (Expenditure). There are two levels of government in Kenya - National Government and county government.

Topic 5: Citizenship

A citizen is a person who legally belongs to a particular country. Citizenship means that a person legally belongs to a country. Read on the rights and responsibilities of a Kenyan Citizen.

Topic 6: Human Rights

Human rights are things that human beings are entitled to and can be classified into political, social, and economic rights. Read on how human rights can be violated and respected in a democracy.

Topic 7: Peace and Conflict Resolution

Read on Peace and Conflict Resolution. While Peace is the state of having no war, conflict or hatred in a society, Conflict resolution is a peaceful way of solving or settling disagreements between two or more people or groups. What are the methods of Peace and Conflict Resolution?

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