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GRADE 6 English Learning Activities

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Grade 6 English & Language Topics Summary

Topic 1: Relative and Indefinite Pronouns

A relative pronoun connects a phrase to a noun or another pronoun. Read on relative and indefinite pronouns and learn how they can be used to refer to people, places, animals, things, or ideas. Relative pronouns include who, which, whose, and more. Examples of Indefinite Pronouns include everywhere, everyone, anybody, everything, and more.

Topic 2: Forming Question Tags

What are the rules followed when creating question tags? Read on how to create question tags for both positive and negative statements. See interesting examples on question tags.

Topic 3: Phrasal Quantifiers

Phrasal quantifiers is a group of words that show amount or quantity (as a partial or out of a totality) of a noun. Examples of phrasal quantifiers are plenty of, a few of, many, e.t.c. How are phrasal quantifiers used alongside nouns? See examples of quantifiers for both countable and uncountable nouns.

Topic 4: Adverbs of Time, Place, Manner, and Frequency

An adverb is used to explain a noun, for instance He walked quickly. Quickly shows how fast he (noun) walked. Read more on adverbs of time, place, manner, and frequency and see examples in sentences.

Topic 5: Prepositions of Time, Direction, and Place

Prepositions are used before nouns to show time, direction, and place. Examples of prepositions include at, on, above, against. Learn how to used prepositions correctly in a sentence and see examples to help you understand.

Topic 6: Adjectives and the Order of Adjectives

An adjectives talks more about a noun. For instance, This is a beautiful flower. The word beautiful describes the noun flower. Read on how to proper use adjectives in sentences with examples. Learn on the different degrees of adjectives and how to properly order adjectives if a sentence has two or more adjectives such as She was wearing an amazing red dress

Notes You'll Find Interesting

Parts of speech - Adjectives: GRADE 4 ENGLISH GRAMMAR

What are adjectives and how are the used in the English language? Adjectives are words that tell us more about nouns. Learn about the two groups of adjectives - regular and irregular adjectives - and see the examples of each.

Use of Quantifiers: GRADE 4 ENGLISH GRAMMAR

Quantifiers show us the quantity of various things. Learn how to identify and use quantifiers correctly in sentences.

Future tense Using Will and Shall: GRADE 5 ENGLISH GRAMMAR

Learn how to correctly use Will and Shall to relate to future events. Read on the use of Will and Shall while referring to First person, second person, or the third person.

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