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Grammar Activities: Pronouns

Personal and possessive pronouns

Personal Pronouns

Personal pronouns talk about the self without using names.
They may include those talking about people, things, places or even objects.

Examples of personal pronouns

I, you, me, he, she, we
They, them, it, us, myself, yourself
Himself, herself, itself, ourselves, themselves, yourselves

Possessive Pronouns

Possessive pronouns show ownership or belonging.


My, our, his, its
Mine, ours, hers
Your, yours, theirs

Practice Exercise

Identify the correct pronoun to fit in the sentences below.
1. Edith cooked a tasty meal(she, us).
2. The whole compound was swept by (we, us).
3. (They, them) took photos of (we, us).
4. (Him,He) laughed at (we, us).
5. (We, Us) did all the work by (ourselves, themselves).
6. The ball belong to (I, me).
7. Tairus and (I, me) are good friends and (they, we) love football.


1. She cooked a tasty meal.
2. The whole compound was swept by us.
3. They took photos of us.
4. He laughed at us.
5. We did all the work by ourselves.
6. The ball belong to me.
7. Tairus and I are good friends and we love football.