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Parts of speech - Adjectives | Grade 4 English Grammar

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Adjectives | Definition and Introduction

Adjectives are words that tell us more about nouns.
Adjectives help us to describe nouns to make our communication clearer.
They tell us size, shape, colour, age, materials among others.
Adjectives can be grouped as regular or irregular.
They help us answer the question of what? how? which one?

Regular Adjectives

These are adjectives that take -er in comparative form and -est in the superlative form.

Examples of Regular Adjectives

regular adjectives- English grade-4

Examples of Regular Adjectives in Sentences

Mark is short.
Elizabeth is shorter than John.
Ruth is the shortest among the three pupils.

I ate a small piece of cake. Jack ate a smaller piece and Flo ate the smallest piece.

Irregular Adjectives

These adjectives take other forms.
Some change completely while others take more in comparative form and most in the superlative form.

Examples of Irregular Adjectives

irregular adjectives- English grade-4

Examples of Irregular Adjectives in Sentences

Yvonne is good in English language.
Pauline is better in English language.
Jackson is the best pupil in English language.

I bought an expensive dress.
My mother bought a more expensive dress.
My elder sister bought the most expensive dress.

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