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Parts of speech - Contracted Forms | Grade 4 English

Parts of speech - Contracted Forms

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Grammar Activities: Parts of speech - Contracted Forms

Parts of speech: Contracted Forms (Short Forms)

- Contracted form of words is the short form.
- Some words are commonly used in the short form especially in spoken language.
- Most of contractions are formed by combining the positive word with NOT to form the negative.


can + not → cannot → can't
do + not → do not → don't
did + not → did not → didn't
are + not → are not → aren't
is + not → is not → isn't
were + not → were not → weren't
will + not → will not → won't
would + not → would not → wouldn't
should +not → should not → shouldn't

Positive and negative statements

Changing positive statements to negative statements and vice versa.


I like working on the farm whenever i have time.
    I don't like working on the farm at any one time.
2. We can carry our various farm activities on our farms.
    We cannot carry out all the farm activities on our farms.
3. Farm produce gives the family enough income these days.
    Farm produce does not give the family enough income nowadays.