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GRADE 4 Mathematics Activities

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Grade 4 Mathematics Activities Topics


Grade 4 Revision Questions

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Grade 4 Math Topics Summary

Topic 1: Numbers - Place Value and Total Value

While place value shows position of a digit in a number, total value shows the quantity and value of digit in a number. Learn to use the place value and total value charts to determine both the place value and total value of digits. Practice to get the place value and total value using a set of practice questions.

Topic 2: Numbers: Rounding off to Nearest Ten

Learn how to round off numbers up to 1000 to the nearest ten. Read on the rules of rounding off numbers to the nearest ten and see examples and practice questions.

Topic 3: Algebra: Forming Algebraic Expressions

Learn how to form algebraic expressions using letters. Algebraic expressions helps represent an unknown number of objects. See examples of algebraic expressions and practice to form algebraic expressions.

Topic 4: Data Handling: Using Frequency Tables

Learn how represent data and read data in frequency tables. See examples of interpreting data frequency tables and learn how you can use frequency tables to answer questions.

Topic 5: Mass: Addition and Subtraction

Mass is the measure of how heavy an object is. Read on the conversion of mass between kilograms and grams and see practice examples of adding and subtracting mass in direct questions or statements.

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