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Pressure | Maximum and Minimum Pressure - High School Physics

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Introduction to Pressure

- It is defined as the force acting normally (perpendicularly) per unit area
- The SI units for pressure is newton per metre squared (N/m² or Nm-2)
. - One Nm-2 is known as one Pascal (Pa).

Formula for Pressure

- pressure is also measured in another unit called bar. 1 bar = 105N/m², 1 millibar = 100N/m²

Maximum and Minimum Pressure

Examples: Calculating Pressure

A rectangular brick of weight 24 N, measures 60 cm × 20 cm × 30 cm. calculate the values of the maximum and minimum pressures which the block exert when resting on a horizontal table.
Area of the smallest face = 0.2 × 0.3 = 0.06 m²
Area of the largest face = 0.6 × 0.3 = 0.18 m²


Pressure Quiz 1

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