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Physics Form 1 Questions and Answers

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Physics Form 1 Revision Questions and Answers

Physics Practice Questions and Answers

Distinguish between density and relative density of a substance. A ship of mass 1300 tonnes floats on sea water:What volume of sea water is displaced (Density of sea water is 1025kg/m3). Describe an experiment to verify the law of flotationWhat is Relative Density?A bathroom shower has 200 holes each 2.5mm² in area. Water flows from a pipe of cross-section area of 15cm² at 5m/s to the shower. Determine the speed of the spray.A piece of metal N of mass 2kg weighs 18N in water and 12N in liquid M. Determine the density of: The metal N. The liquid M.A measuring cylinder contains 50cm3 of light oil at 0°C. When a lump of dried ice is placed in the oil, the total volume is 72cm³. Determine the density of the ice.The figure below shows a balloon carrying hydrogen gas 3m3 of density 0.09kgm-3. The mass of the balloon fabric is 2kg and the density of air is 1.25kgm-3. Determine the tension in the string. If the string is suddenly cut, calculate the acceleration of the balloon upwards. What is the maximum mass of the equipment the balloon can lift at a constant velocityA block of mass 5kg rests on an inclined surface as shown in the diagram below. Determine the static friction on the block.State any factors that would raise the boiling point of a liquid.Why Does Water Wets Glass While Mercury Does Not?The graph below shows the variation between force and distance for a boy pushing a concrete block of mass 25kg through a vertically height of 12m. Determine the total work done by the boy within 70m. How much energy is wasted? Give an account for the energy wasted.View All Physics Questions

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