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Earth and Space: The Moon | Grade 5 Science and Technology

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Earth and Space: The Moon

The Moon: Introduction

- The moon is seen in the sky.
- It appears in different shapes.
- The shapes of the moon are called its phases.
- There are five phases of the moon.
- They are:
  • New moon
  • Crescent moon
  • Quarter moon
  • Gibbous moon
  • Full moon

moon phases- Science and Technology grade-5
The Phases of the Moon - Courtesy of HowForKids

- Every phase of the moon appears two times in one month.
- The new moon cannot be seen.

Effects of the Moon

- Phases of the moon affects some human activities and behaviour.
- For example:
1. Siting of the moon indicates beginning and the end of the holy Ramadhan.
2. Ocean tides occur high during the new moon and the full moon.

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