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Health Education | Class 8 Science

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Health Education - HIV and AIDS, Handling Chemicals, and Drugs and Drug Abuse

Last Updated: 23-04-2021


- HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and causes AIDS by destroying the immune system of a human being.
- AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Prevention of HIV and AIDS

- Proper awareness can be created by educating people about HIV and AIDS
- Avoid sharing of needles and other piercing objects
- Use protective gear (e.g gloves) when dealing with accident victims
- Abstaining from sex
- Expectant mothers should seek medical attention to prevent infecting the unborn child.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

These are diseases passed from one person to another through sexual intercourse.
Name of STI Cause
Gonorrhoea Bacteria
Syphilis Bacteria
Chancroid Bacteria
HIV / AIDS Virus

STIs can be controlled by:
- Abstaining from sex
- Seeking medical help when suspecting you are infected

Handling Chemicals at Home

Most chemicals used at home (e.g Detergents, insecticides, pesticides, antiseptics) are poisonous and when handled carelessly can lead to serious injury even death.
The following measures should be taken when handling chemicals:
  1. Read instructions provided by the manufacturer before using any chemical
  2. Always wear protective clothing when applying chemicals
  3. Dispose off chemical containers as instructed by the manufacturer
  4. Always wash hands after using chemicals
  5. Avoid eating when applying chemicals
  6. Chemical containers should be labelled correctly
  7. Chemicals should be kept away from children
  8. Inflammable chemicals should be kept away from fire.

Drugs and Drug Abuse

A drug is any chemical substance that changes the normal functioning of a body when used. Drug abuse is the wrong use of drugs: non-medical reasons.
Drugs such as tobacco, miraa and alcohol are legal but harmful.
Drugs such as bhang, Cocaine, mandrax, heroine and inhalants are illegal and very harmful.

Effects of Drug Abuse

- Drugs lead to addiction
- Alcohol causes liver cirrhosis, weakens the immune system, and affects a user's brain cells.
- Tobacco can cause lung cancer and suffocation
- Miraa causes lack of sleep and even stomach ulcers
- Bhang causes mental instability and hallucinations
- Cocaine, Heroine and Mandrax cause heart problems
- Inhalants cause impaired vision and nervous disorders.

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