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Class 8  |  English Notes and Revision Questions

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Feeling Lucky? Attempt Grammar Questions

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Grammar Topics

This section contains class 8 grammar content including:

>> Question Tags
>> Clauses introduced by 'who' and 'whose'
>> Determiners (this, those, that, enough, any)
>> determiners in the affirmative, interrogative and negative
>> Tense (Past Perfect and Continuous)
>> Adverbs of Degree
>> Punctuation (the Colon, Brackets, Speech Marks, the Hyphen, the Dash, the Semi-colon)
>> Nouns (Countable and Uncoutable)
>> Verbs (Regular and Irregular)
>> Phrasal Verbs
>> Comparative and Superlative adjectives
>> Prepositions and the Suffixes (-ful, -less, -lt, -ment, -ish, -ness, -able, and -y)


Social Values
Drugs and Drugs Abuse
Life Skills
Child Labor
Regional Co-Operation in East Africa
Commerce and Trade
International Competitions
Clubs and Societies
The Court of Law
Sea Travel
Health and Hygiene (HIV & AIDS)
Modern Communication Methods
The Atmosphere and the Solar System
Civic Education
Cloze Test Questions

Feeling Lucky? Attempt Grammar Questions

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Language Patterns
Feeling Lucky? Attempt Grammar Questions