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Natural Numbers - Prime Numbers, Odd and Even Numbers

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Place value of digits in numbers helps in reading and performing arithmetic operations.
Example 1:
A place value chart is show below: 56, 894

Hence the amount in words will be, fifty six thousand, eight hundred and ninety four.
Example 2:
Use the 875, 351 to answer the questions that follow.
a) What’s the place value of 8
ans: Hundred Thousands
b) Write the number in words
ans: Eight Hundred and seventy five thousand, three hundred and fifty one.
Example 3:
Use the 1,001, 001 to answer the questions that follow.
a) Write the amount in words
ans: One million, One thousand and One.
Example 4:
a) Write in figures: Seven hundred and sixty eight thousand, nine hundred and sixty eight
ans: 768, 968

Rounding Off Numbers

Requires writing a number to a given nearest place value
Consider: 589 371

Even and Odd Numbers

Even Numbers – exactly divisible by 2 (has remainder 0)
Examples: 2, 18, 30, 44, 5684
Odd Numbers – Not exactly divisible by 2 (has a remainder that is not 0)
Examples: 5, 17, 29, 2589

Prime Numbers

These are numbers that have no other divisor except 1 and itself:
Examples: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 19, 23, 29

Solving word problems

Can you solve the problem below?
Mbuthia sells bananas at his local market. Today, he bought 340 bananas at Ksh. 5 each. During transportation, 17 were badly damaged, 50 were partially damaged so he could sell them at half the price of a good banana. His selling price is Ksh. 20 each good banana. How much profit / loss did he make?

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