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Numbers: Place Value and Total Value | Grade 4 Math

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Numbers: Place Value and Total Value

1. Place Value

a. This is the position of a digit in a number
b. It is given in words
c. The place value is identified from the right side

Place Value Chart

Place Value

Practice Question 1

If you have a number like 97234, the place value of 2 would be?


Place Value
Counting from the right, the place value of 2 is hundreds.
In the same number, the place value of 9 is tens of thousands.

2. Total Value

a. It is shows the quantity and value of digit in a number
b. It is given in words or symbols
c. One has to first identify the place value before the total value
d. Digits to the right hand of the digit are replaced with zeroes to give the total value.

Practice Question 2

The total value of 7 in the number 17264 is obtained as follows.


Place Value
The place value of the number 7 is thousands.
All the numbers to the right of 7 are replaced with zeroes, and the ones before 7 are ignored.
Therefore, the total value of 7 is 7000

Practice Questions

In the number 52831, the total value of 5 is 50000
In the number 11809, the total value of 8 is 800
In the number 1236, the total value of 1 is 1000

Practice Questions

What is the place value and total value of 5 in the following numbers
  • 62159
  • 54782
  • 95124
  • 12015

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