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Law, Peace and Conflict Resolution - Class 8 Social studies

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Law, Peace and Conflict Resolution - Introduction

- Laws are rules put in place to be obeyed by the citizens in a country or society.
- These laws guide people to live peacefully.
- Conflicts are disagreements that result from arguments or fights.

Conflict Resolution

- Resolving means finding a solution to disagreements.
- A resolution can be reached through:
  • Dialogue- The affected persons or groups find a solution among themselves.
  • Mediation- The affected persons or groups find a solution by engaging a third party who encourages them to talk.
  • Arbitration- The affected persons or groups engage a third party who, instead, comes up with a solution which the conflicting parties must accept and follow.

National Unity

- National unity is that oneness of all the various communities united together as one people.
- It is the feeling of unity, loyalty and patriotism of ones country.
- The symbols of National Unity identify Kenya from other countries.
- They remind Kenyan that they all belong to one country Kenya.

Symbols of National Unity in Kenya

These symbols are:-
  1. The National Flag
  2. The National Anthem
  3. The Coat of Arms
  4. The Public Seal

1. The National Flag

- There is only one national flag.
- It symbolizes that Kenya is an independent country.
- It reminds Kenyan of their common loyalty to their country.
- The Kenyan flag is flown in:-
  • All public institution eg. schools.
  • All government offices and premises eg. chief's offices, police stations, e.t.c.
  • All government buildings, ministries, e.t.c.
  • Vehicles of senior government officials eg. the Chief Justice.
  • Office of the president.
  • Kenyan embassies and high commission abroad.
  • The headquarters of UN, AU, EAC and other organizations where Kenya is a member.
  • International sporting activities where Kenya is participating.

2. The Court of Arms

- It signifies that the government is legitimate.
- It shows courage, ability, strength and readiness to defend our country.
- It calls for people to unite and build the nation together.
- Meaning of the court of arms features:
a) Lions holding spears- strength and courage to defend our country.
b) A cockerel- The party symbol of KANU which led our country to independence.
c) A shield- The readiness to defend our country.
d) Agricultural products- Represents Kenya's productive land.
e) Harambee- The spirit of working together.

3. The public Seal

- It acts as the government signature.
- It is stamped on official documents.
- It is a Court of Arms surrounded by several crops produced in the country.

Factors That Promote National Unity

  • Use of one national language - Kiswahili promotes understanding.
  • Use of a common system of education in the country.
  • The constitution gives equal rights to every Kenyan.
  • Equal distribution of development projects eg. Constituency Development Fund (CDF).
  • The National philosophies of; African Socialism, Harambee spirit and the Nyayo Philosophy of peace, love and unity.
  • National unity is also promoted through interaction when people meet in trading and sporting activities.

Factors that Limit National Unity

  • Tribalism.
  • Nepotism.
  • Corruption and greed.
  • Regionalism.
  • Racism.
  • Political selfishness.
  • Unequal distribution of development.
  • Religious differences.

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