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Numbers: Place Value and Total Value - Class 8 Math

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Place Value

- The place value shows the position of each digit from a given number.

Place value of whole numbers

- The table below shows the place values of a whole number

Place value of decimal numbers

The table below shows the place values of a decimal number

Total Value

- It refers to the quantity represented by the digit.
- Before indicating the total value, please identify the place value first. The multiply the digit and the place value sa follows
Digit X Place Value = Total Value

Example 1
What is the Total Value of 5 in the number 782563002 in words.
The digit 5 is in the place value of Hundred Thousands. It represents 5 hundred thousands hence:
5 X 100000 = 500000
Hence, the total value of 5 is 500000 or five hundred thousands.

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