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Social Relations And Cultural Activities - Social Studies Class 7

Social Relations And Cultural Activities

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Social Relations And Cultural Activities

Last Updated: 5th, June 2020

The Family

A family is a basic unit made up of people are related by blood, marriage or adoption.


Marriage is an agreement between a man and a woman who have agreed to live together as husband and wife.

Importance of the institution of marriage

The institution of marriage is important in the following ways:
  • Promotes unity between the families of the bride and the groom
  • Provides the foundation on which family life is built upon
  • Enriches people's culture especially when the coup comes from different communities
  • Children are loved by their parents
  • Helps to control sexual transmitted diseases (STI). This discourages prostitution
  • Creates sense of responsibility on the bride and groom
  • Provides companionship to the couple

The School

A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students (or "pupils") under the direction of teachers.

School Administration

Roles of the head teacher

  • Ensure the school runs smoothly
  • Ensures school property is properly used and taken care of
  • Ensures good academic standards are maintained
  • Ensures that discipline and hygiene are maintained
  • Admits new pupils
  • Secretary to school committee
  • Accounts for school finances
  • Supervises the work of teachers, pupils and school workers

Roles of the deputy head teacher

  • Supervises class attendance by teachers
  • Assists the head teacher and is the head of the disciplinary committee
  • Prepares the school timetable and the duty roster for teachers
  • He/she is the secretary during staff meetings
  • Teaches some subjects
  • Maintains general discipline among the pupils

The Importance Of The School Administration

  • Coordinates all school activities and programmes
  • Ensures that there is proper planning
  • Creates peace, harmony and respect among members of the school community
  • Ensures proper discipline among pupils, teachers and support staff
  • Ensures that the welfare of teachers, students and support stuff is catered for
  • It ensures that teachers attend classes as per the school timetable
  • Acts as a link between the community, school and the government

The Role Of The School In Community Development

  • Provides pupils with the knowledge and skills for adult life
  • Creates awareness on environmental conservation
  • Develops special talents and skill among children
  • Provides facilities for use by the community such as fields and halls
  • Advises parents on the needs and problems of their children

Contribution Of The Community In School Development

  • Provides workers for the school
  • Provides spiritual guidance and counselling
  • Provides resource personnel to the school community
  • Gives ideas on proper managements of the school
  • Provides land for expansion of the school
  • Supplies food to the school community
  • Donates materials and facilities needed by the school

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