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Law, Peace and Conflict Resolution - Class 7 Social Studies

Law, Peace and Conflict Resolution

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Law, Peace and Conflict Resolution

Causes of Conflicts

The following are the causes of conflicts.
  1. Corruption.
  2. Poverty among the people.
  3. Discrimination against some people.
  4. Unfair distribution of national resources.
  5. Tribalism among the people.
  6. Unemployment.
  7. Abuse of human rights.
  8. Inadequate natural resources.
  9. Drug abuse.

Ways of resolving conflicts

  • Promoting and respecting human rights.
  • At the end of every five years,parliament stands dissolved.
  • Encouraging dialogue.
  • Punishing corrupt leaders.
  • Upholding the rule of law.
  • Ensuring equal distribution of resources.
  • Creating job opportunities.

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