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Democracy and Human Rights - Class 7 Social studies

Democracy and Human Rights

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Democracy and Human Rights


Democracy is a system of governance which gives people freedom to make choices on matters that affect them.

Human Rights

Human rights are basic freedom and rights that every human being is entitled to and are found in the constitution.

Benefits of democracy

  • People get fair and equal treatment before the law.
  • People elect leaders of their own choice.
  • Citizens participate in national affairs.
  • Promotes fair distribution of national resources.
  • People live in peace and harmony.
  • People enjoy human rights.
  • People are governed according to the constitution.

Abuse of human rights

  • Torturing people.
  • Discriminating against gender.
  • Overworking and underpaying workers.
  • Lack of freedom of expression.
  • Lack of freedom to associate with a political party of ones choice.
  • Detaining people without taking them to court.

Importance of respecting human rights

  • It creates peace and harmony.
  • People are able to develop their talents fully.
  • Citizens feel secure and important.
  • People with special needs get fair treatment and equal opportunities.
  • Citizens respect other people's rights and freedoms.

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