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Citizenship - Class 7 Social Studies Notes


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- Citizenship is the status of a person recognized under the custom or law of a sovereign state as a member of or belonging to the state.

Drug Abuse

- A drug is any substance that affects the way our body and mind functions when taken.
- Drug abuse is taking drugs without a doctor's prescription or taking prohibited drugs.
- Commonly abused drugs include; alcohol, miraa, bhang, tobacco, opium, cocaine, glue, heroine and madrax.

Effects of drugs and substance abuse

  1. It causes death.
  2. Leads to social crimes like rape.
  3. Leads to poor health.
  4. Leads to financial problems.
  5. Leads to work related problems.
  6. Retards development.
  7. Leads to increased road accidents.
  8. increased strikes in schools.
  9. Increased lawlessness in society.

Ways of curbing drug and substance abuse

  • Educating the public on its dangers.
  • Enacting strict laws on drug and substance abuse
  • Establishing organizations such as NACADA.
  • Creating more job opportunities.
  • Ensuring all drugs are only sold with the doctor's prescriptions.
  • Guidance and counseling to those who are affected.
NACADA (National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse) is a Kenyan government institution whose core function is to coordinate a public education and awareness campaign against alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse in the country Read more: Visit their Website

Inclusion of persons with special needs in society

  • Educate people so that they have a positive attitude towards them.
  • Create friendly environment at home, school and at work.
  • Create equal opportunities.
  • Involve them in national fora to discuss issues affecting society.
  • Develop skills and talents they have and train them.
  • Counsel and guide them to raise their self-esteem.

Collective responsibility

Collective responsibility enables members of a community to participate in development
This can be achieved by;
  • Conserving the environment.
  • Providing information about criminals to the police.
  • Being mindful of the welfare of others.
  • Participating in electing competent leaders.
  • Accepting views of others and upholding moral values.

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