Story, Story!  :  The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Story: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

In a little village, one family owned a big land for farming. On that land they had many cattle, sheep and goats. Their land was so big that other villagers used to come and help them farm. They were happy. The youngest son, Timothy, always took the animals to graze and drink water nearby the river. That was his responsibility. Everyday, he would sit alone watching the animals while he sat on a branch of a tree.

One hot afternoon, he sat on the branch as usual, bored. Suddenly, he had an idea. At once, he shouted, "Wolf! Wolf! There is a wolf!"

The villagers, on hearing the boy, took their spears and arrows and rushed to the grazing land where they found the boy laughing. He laughed so loudly, that he almost fell off the branch he was sitting on. The villagers became mad at him and returned to their shambas. On the second day, the boy did it again. Once again, the boy shouted, "Wolf! Wolf! There is a wolf!" As usual, the villagers came and he laughed at them. They returned home angry at him.

On the third day, the boy was watching the animals as usual. Suddenly, a wolf appeared. The boy shouted, "Wolf! Wolf! There is a wolf!". However, the villagers did not come. He shouted again, "Wolf! Wolf! There is a Wolf!" Still, no one came. The boy watched helplessly as the wolf chased the animals. In the evening, the boy came home crying. When asked, he explained what had happened. The father, looked at him and said, "Timothy, no one came because they thought you were lying again. We did not believe you. We will look for the scattered animals tomorrow."

Moral: It is bad to lie. No one will believe you even when you are telling the truth.

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