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Decimals - Mathematics Form 1

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A decimal is a fraction whose denominator is a power of 10.
Ready? Attempt these Mathematics > Decimals Questions (Answers Available)

Express as decimal

a) Express the following fraction as a decimal    

Express decimals as fractions

a) Express the following decimal as a fraction     0.355
b) Express the following decimal as a fraction     3.24

Recurring Decimals

An example of a recurring decimal is 0.83333 and can be represented as 0.83
a) Express the recurring decimal as fraction     0.632 (two digits recurring)
Ready? Attempt these Mathematics > Decimals Questions (Answers Available)

Decimal Places

Decimals will be rounded off to a certain degree of accuracy Example: Round off   5.936   to
(a) 1dp (b) 2dp and (c) 3dp
a) 6.0
b) 5.90
c) 5.940

Standard Form

Writing numbers to be between 1 and 10 times a power of 10.
Write the following numbers in standard form
b) 0.00488
a) 5.89 x 102
b) 4.88 x 10-3

Standard Form

Addition and Subtraction
It is basic operations as integers
0.5832 + 1.859 = 2.4422
Find the value of 0.254 x 2.3
Find the value of 0.5784 divide by 0.004

Ready? Attempt Mathematics Form 1 > Decimals Questions (Answers Available)

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