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Peace and Conflict Resolution | Grade 6 Social Studies

Peace and Conflict Resolution

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Social Studies

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Peace and Conflict Resolution

- Peace is the state of having no war, conflict or hatred in a society.
- Conflict is disagreement between two or more people or groups.
- Conflict resolution is a peaceful way of solving or settling a conflict.
- These ways include;-
  • Dialogue: Involves the two sides that had a conflict coming together, discussing the matter and forgiving each other.
  • Using an arbitrator: An arbitrator is a person who helps in resolving a conflict. He listens to both parties and gives his/her solution. This process is called arbitration.
  • Using a mediator: A mediator helps by listening and giving recommendations that can help in resolving the conflict. This process is called mediation.
  • Through reconciling: This is where you dialogue to each other and forgive each other.

Benefits of Resolving Conflicts Peacefully in a Society

- Creates good relations among the people, societies and countries.
- Investors come to do business without fear of insecurity.
- People are free to move from one place to another without fear.
- Encourages foreign tourism. They travel without fear.