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Question Tags | Class 6 English Grammar


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The Rule of Question Tags

The rule of question tags is, when a statement is positive, the question tag must be negative and if a statement is negative, the question tag must be positive.
Positive Word Negative Word
Can Can't (Cannot)
Should Shouldn't (Should not)
May Mayn't (May not)

Examples (Positive Sentences)

Positive sentence Question Tag
I can read, can't I?
You should work hard, shouldn't you?
My son is hardworking, isn't he?
We love our country, don't we?
We were rewarded, weren't we?

Examples (Negative Sentences)

Negative sentence Question Tag
She couldn't do the questions, could she?
He wasn't early, was he?
You are not busy, are you?
Be fast! will you?
He is not the teacher, is he?

Note 1:
The question tag of I is aren't I.
e.g I am late, aren't I?
Note 2:
The question tag of sentences starting with "Let's" is shall.
e.g Let's play outside, shall we?

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