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GRADE 5 Science and Technology Activities

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Grade 5 Science & Technology Topics Summary

Topic 1: Living Things

Read on classifying plants into flowering and non-flowering plants and see examples. Read on the different types of vertebrates including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Topic 2: Force and Energy

Read on Gravity and see how we can demonstrate its existence. Also read on sound, how it is produced, and how we can classify it.

Topic 3: Earth and Space

Read on the moon, its different phases, and its effect.

Topic 4: Matter

Read on Changes of State, Melting, Solidification, Condensation as well as acids and bases and their properties

Topic 5: Environment

Read on the environment, Solid waste management, waste that decomposes and does not decompose, and ways of managing solid waste

Topic 6: Health Education

Read on waterborne diseases such as Bilharzia, Cholera, and Typhoid, their signs and symptoms and how they can be prevented. Read on external and internal parasites and how they can be prevented.

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